The ego is the conscious mind. It is the little voice in our heads that says things to us that we would never say to someone else. The ego is committed to survival, but what it is surviving is the catch.  The smaller it can keep us the less risk there is in failing and failure is not acceptable to the ego.

Your greatest challenge to becoming more intuitive in your selling and more successful in making the difference you want to make is to get in touch with the subconscious and listen to its direction.

The ego, the conscious, is going to fight to be heard so learning to discover the difference for yourself is imperative.

Have you ever been in a conversation where your ego is talking to you the whole time? Don’t say that! Oh, I should say this. What do I do now? I wonder if they will buy? Oh no. Oh good. This is going well. This isn’t going well. On and on and on.

What happens when your ego is having a conversation with itself? Well, you just can’t be deeply listening to your potential customer. When you can’t deeply listen, you can miss out on discovering what really matters to your potential customer and that is heartbreaking because it threatens the opportunity you have to make a difference.

Perceptions are Reality

How we see and perceive a situation gives us our reality. Our reality gives us our way of being in the situation and we will do and say or not do and not say. It is important to go into a sales conversation, and anything important to you, having taken the time to create your perception.

Being in tune with your subconscious mind is an excellent way of staying tuned into a created perception versus the default perception.

Your Self-Image

How you see yourself equals the results you get in return.

You can imagine someone who is concerned about themselves, or their product or service and the conscious mind is on overdrive. Confidence and self-image are critical to a sales conversation and how you are seen and how you listen, it can impact everything.

Asking yourself the question, how would I act if I could not fail? What would I say, who would I be, what would I do? The answer to these questions from the subconscious is your true self, separate from the ego. It is just separating your ego from yourself.

Find Quiet Time

Communicating with the powerful inner parts of your consciousness is powerful. The subconscious needs quiet time. Meditation, prayer, or journaling allows an opportunity for your subconscious to be heard and expressed.

Taking some time to go in and connect is a preparatory step I take for every sales conversation. I true myself up to what matters and what I am committed to. Leaving the ego at the door and working for the highest good of all. That is what makes sales an honorable service.

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