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I’ve attended a few of Georgiana’s sales workshops and I have to share that of all the sales trainings I’ve done in my career (and there were a LOT), nothing compares to her approach. It makes the sales conversation easy, causes me to look like a pro and leads to a higher close rate than I’ve ever had in my career — 75% or higher now that I’ve been working with Georgiana. I can also quickly (and confidently) tell if the person I am speaking with is a good fit or not for my services. I can’t tell you how fortunate you are going to feel after attending her workshops — get ready to make a lot of money and love sales more than you ever dreamed of!


Leisa Peterson

Founder of Wealth Clinic & The Art of Abundance Podcast

Wealth Clinic & The Art of Abundance Podcast

The day I was hired by a Fortune 100 company for my dream sales job, I also hired Georgiana Kovell. My previous sales career had been a rollercoaster of ups and downs, hits and misses, mainly because I felt compelled to conform to the idea what a sales person “should” do and who a sales person should be. I wanted this time — once and for all — to be different. I had heard some of Georgiana’s coaching philosophies, but a talk on integrity and being responsible for ourselves the deal for me. Since our first session, Georgiana has given me practical, actionable advice and direction, and she has also encouraged me to dig deeply inside to express myself as a sales person that is in absolute alignment with who I want to be in the world. This authenticity in my sales approach manifested as hitting my goals immediately and consistently. I have Georgiana to thank for that!

Catherine Greenspan

In ONE MONTH of working together, I doubled my profit and have up-leveled my own personal expectations to work towards connecting with mydream clients. In only a few short weeks, my business and my mindset began to shift. Georgiana helped me visualize the life I wanted to live and helped me create a course of action to get there. She helped me to realize my worth, forced me to evaluate the metrics I was using to assess my business and above all, helped me to grow my confidence to serve my clients better.

Amanda Walker

Owner of A Walk My Way

In over 10 years as a business owner, I’ve worked with a lot of coaches. Finding Georgiana has turned me around like none of them ever did – she is willing to call me on my limiting beliefs and push me beyond my comfort zone (gently). She sees my big picture in a way that I can’t. I’ve never felt like a coach has my back like Georgiana has my back. She’s thinking about my business even when I’m not. My question is: Why did it take me so long to find her?!

Janet Alison

Founder of Boys Alive

Georgiana really helped me through the process of narrowing my diverse skillset down into something that was not only more marketable, but that also served the public to a higher degree. I am extremely grateful for her process and and excited about the new direction my business is heading. What sets her apart is her innate skill to get to the heart of what a business should really look like to better serve the audience.

Shanah Bell

Holistic Health Coach

I love what I do. but the sales and marketing thing has been a struggle for me. I previously spent a lot of money and time on various things with some limited results. I was reluctant to sign up for Georgiana’s course, but I’m so glad I did! Georgiana’s knowledge and firm but compassionate guidance was just what the doctored. My sales immediately began increasing and the clients keep on coming! I feel like I’m finally moving forward rather than continuing to spin in circles getting nowhere. Thank you, Georgiana!

Deanna Lyons