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The Gentle Business Revolution Show

On this episode of the Gentle Business Revolution, Georgiana discusses her early introduction to personal development, explaining how integrity serves as the cornerstone of her business. She shares her definition of integrity, weighing in on why we can never be 100% in integrity—but we CAN bring honor to our word. Georgiana also offers insight around her favorite quote, Werner Erhard’s empowering explanation of standing in responsibility. Listen in to understand how Georgiana sees integrity in marketing as an extension of who you are and learn how restoring integrity turned her business around!

AALP 234 – Integrity Within Sales
With Georgiana Kovell

As an International Sales & Performance Coach, Mentor, Author and Speaker, Georgiana has over 25 years of experience in Sales, Personal Development, Business Management, and Leadership Training. By combining her diverse and successful business background with her extensive coaching experience, Georgiana teaches entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs how to drastically improve their sales, increase their prices and produce extraordinary results in their business.