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International Sales Expert

I'm Georgiana

Deep in my soul I KNOW women like us are here to change the world.

We are revolutionizing the game.

Running heart-led businesses that heal, inspire, and improve lives.

Refusing to shrink down, hold back, or play small any longer.

Serving from a place of LOVE and leveraging our superpowers for the benefit of all.

Trusting in the universe and our own intuition to guide us into a life of expanding abundance.

We know we are here to BE more, DO more, and yes—HAVE more.

More clients, more ease, more success, more impact, more MONEY, more joy.

What I Do

What I Do

I help women like you up-level your business (and yourself) so you can make a bigger mark on the planet while enjoying limitless financial abundance.

The secret to taking your business to the next level is taking INSPIRED STRATEGIC ACTIONS, always with the end in mind.

But when you lack clarity of what to do or where you’re going, you get stuck. Momentum gets lost. Your business plateaus or struggles to bring in clients consistently.

If you’re in this place, you are certainly not alone. The frustration, confusion, and fear you feel is common. But guess what? It can be overcome, more easily than you might think.
What you need is a clear game plan to help you increase your sales and maximize your business performance.

Want to stabilize your monthly income? Want to make more in one week than you did all of last month? Want to launch towards and even achieve 6-figure profits? You can!

I’ll help you make dramatic improvements in your marketing, in filling your webinars and live events, and in your sales efforts so you can reach your financial goals faster, with more confidence, while having more fun.

What I'm About

What I'm About

Raising bars

Expanding what's possible

Busting through limitations

Moving beyod the unpredictable

Trusting universal guidance

Dreaming up plans

Laughing through challenges

Keeping your eyes on the prize


Many of my clients have doubled and tripled their income in just weeks. Are you ready to be one of them?

You Are Powerful Beyond Measure

With your superpowers, you, wonder woman, are powerful beyond measure. Whatever your goals are, you can achieve them. It’s time to get out of overwhelm, find clarity, take action, make more money, and have loads more fun in your business and life.

Want this to be your reality? Let’s partner up to help your business and income soar to new heights together. I’m ready if you are.

Make the difference you are here to make. Make the money to fund your dreams.

Who Is Georgiana Kovell?

I’m Georgiana, your International Sales Expert, Marketing Strategist and Fill Your Events Jedi Master.

I used to work my butt off for a world-renowned personal development company, leading their trainings and seminars and making them tons of money.  But then I hit the glass ceiling.

The organization that helped others reach their full potential wasn’t going to allow me to reach mine.

So, I did what any entrepreneur would do, I quit and started my own company.

My mission is to empower women entrepreneurs all around the world to play a bigger game, achieve their soul-stirring goals, earn more money more quickly, and create a life they adore.

I believe that what this planet needs most is financially empowered women. To make more money you need more people buying your products and programs. That’s where my expertise comes in.

When more of us thrive financially, our reach will expand. Our impact will magnify. Our wondrous world will be better for everyone.

Wanna come along for the ride?

Ready To Unleash Your Superpowers?

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