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Sales and Performance

8 Hacks To A
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Sales and Performance


Sales and Performance


Get Over The Stigma Of Sales And Selling!

It Doesn’t Have To Be A 4-Letter Word!

I have helped business owners, coaches and consultants all over the world fill their programs, sell their products and fund their dreams.If you run a heart-centered business but are struggling to find more clients, or struggle with what to say, or just can’t seem to get many people to show up to your events, listen up!

What you need is clarity, a practical game plan that gets results, and someone to have your back who is on your side to help you make your soul-driven dreams a reality and to fund your dreams.I’ll help you make dramatic improvements in your marketing, in your sales efforts and to get butts in seats at your events so you can reach your money goals faster and expand your impact on the world by maximizing your superpowers. 

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Sales and Performance

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Get to the bottom of what you are really afraid of when it comes to sales?

Get over your fear of being too salesy or pushy?

Stop being stuck and start taking intuition-led actions that propel your business forward?

Fill your webinars, your programs and you live events to “standing room only”?

Hone your message so you can sell with more confidence?

Perform at greater heights and achieve your goals with rocket-like velocity?

Make a big difference, serve your people and fund your dreams?

Let’s change your view of sales. Let’s elevate YOU. It’s time to do something different.

Let’s talk.

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I’ve attended a few of Georgiana’s sales workshops and I have to share that of all the sales trainings I’ve done in my career (and there were a LOT), nothing compares to her approach. It makes the sales conversation easy, causes me to look like a pro and leads to a higher close rate than I’ve ever had in my career — 75% or higher now that I’ve been working with Georgiana. I can also quickly (and confidently) tell if the person I am speaking with is a good fit or not for my services. I can’t tell you how fortunate you are going to feel after attending her workshops — get ready to make a lot of money and love sales more than you ever dreamed of!

Leisa Peterson

Founder of Wealth Clinic & The Art of Abundance Podcast

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Sales and Performance

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Sales and Performance

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